Miracles & Blessings Recovery House

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Miracles & Blessings Recovery House

510 Co Rd 317, Jonesboro TX 76538

Phone: 254-463-2258

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Miracles and Blessings is a cost free, faith based, recovery program for women who are chained by the bondage of addiction seeking help. Here we do a daily bible study, NA step work along with spiritual step work, weekly outside meetings, church, bible trivia, and watch faith based movies as a group. We provide weekly drug testing for probation, CPS, or anything of the sort. Here we are not a rehab, we are a family. We are a group of sisters, serving the Lord and staying clean one day at a time. We accept anyone that wants to be clean and serve God. Please contact us for further inquiries. Leader/director: Chelsey Allen 254-223-4707 Owner: Joy Schwalbe 254-223-1407

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